What Makes a Good Leader...


Our Year 5 students are currently discussing leadership and the attributes of a good leader in preparation for our 2022 Student Leadership Elections.

These two students have really captured what it means to be a leader at Thornlands State School.  Well done Audrey and Milo!


What makes a great leader? Is it being powerful? Maybe you have to be famous. Or perhaps you need to be strong. In fact, I don't think it's any of those. Here are some traits of great leaders from the past.

Firstly, kindness. Why kindness, you say? I know it sounds a bit unusual, but being kind can solve many serious political problems. Gandhi was an Indian political leader who used kindness in his quest for independence for his country. He believed that one day all religions could exist peacefully together in one country. Not everyone liked that idea. So, did Gandhi start a war? No! He peacefully protested and went on hunger strike. One of his most famous sayings is: “Mankind has to get through violence only through non-violence. Hatred can only be overcome by love."

Next, leaders need to stand up for others. I believe fighting for others is mandatory for a great leader. If people follow you and look up to you, it is your responsibility to look after them. One great leader who stood up for others is Martin Luther King Jr. He was a Civil Rights activist and stood up for Black people in America. At the time, all Black people were treated horribly. For instance, they had to sit at the back of buses and couldn't eat at restaurants or stay at hotels with White people. Martin Luther King Jr thought his was unfair, and put himself in danger to defend their rights,

Finally, a great leader must have a vision for the future. This allows the country or people they lead to expand and thrive. Without a clear vision, you end up stuck in the past, never achieving anything. One leader with a powerful vision for the future is John F Kennedy.  He was a US President from 1961-1963. He made plans for America to travel to the moon. Some say he was just copying Russia, but for many Americans, he was a hero. In fact, even though he died many years ago, he is still considered one of the greatest US Presidents.

As we can see, the qualities of kindness, standing up for others and a vision for the future are important for any leader or anyone who wants to be a leader in the future. The leaders that I have spoken about today, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr and John F Kennedy were all amazing leaders of the past. Do you think you have what it takes to be one of the great leaders of the future?


Good morning class,

Although I have no ambition to be in a school leadership role. I will take the opportunity to share my thoughts on what will help make the leaders successful in upholding the school motto be safe, be respectful and be responsible to help create a great school environment for us all!

In my opinion a school leader should be kind, responsible and organised. They should attend and participate in all activities, meetings and assemblies. They should consider other suggestions and ideas.

I would like our school leaders to visit other classes and ask students if they have any ideas or concerns about the school.

School leaders need to be approachable and easy to talk to, especially for the younger years and new kids. They should take a firm stance against bullying and be eyes and ears for the teachers.

Their behaviours and previous years' school marks don't count as much as effort.

The school leader needs to work with and support the teachers and school management, and behave in a way that promotes the school motto 'be safe, be respectful and be responsible'.

In conclusion, no matter who is elected, they will have my full support. I have just listed all the qualities I think a school leader should embody. So, lets help them be more safe, respectful and responsible in making 2022 the best year ever!

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Last reviewed 27 October 2021
Last updated 27 October 2021