2023 Update



Welcome to the 2023 school year and an especially warm welcome to families who are new to the Thornlands SS community.

The purpose of this communication  is to inform you that, after 12 wonderfully rewarding years as the Principal of Thornlands SS, I have decided to retire.

This is a decision that has been extremely difficult for me and I will miss the staff, students, parents and the whole Thornlands community enormously. 

Without a doubt, my time at Thornlands has been the most rewarding of my career and I am very proud of the ongoing school improvement that we have collectively achieved over the last 12 years!!  

At this time, I wish to publicly acknowledge and thank the entire staff , regardless of their particular roles, for being the most professional, hardworking and highly skilled team  who work tirelessly each and every day to ensure the best outcomes for all of your children; also for the way in which they have supported me over the last 12 years. Together we really did achieve MORE for our students (your children) and that it what it's all about!

I would also like to thank all of you, our parents, present and past, for the support you have shown me as Principal of Thornlands SS. Special thanks to the P&C Association over all of those years, for working closely with me to support our school improvement agenda in a myriad of ways.  Together, a lot has been achieved !

Of course,   I continue to  feel very invested in wanting the great outcomes, that  have been achieved by all, for so many years, to be sustainable into the future!! To that end, especially given a number of retirements in the last few years,  I have been working determinedly to build a “new", strong, stable and highly competent, Thornlands Leadership team and with their guidance into the future, and the outstanding professionalism and teamwork of the entire staff, I am sure the staff culture, which I believe drives the success at Thornlands, will continue for years to come. Indeed the next Principal of Thornlands SS will be very lucky indeed to lead such a wonderful school into the years ahead. 

I am also very pleased to announce that the South East Region have agreed that the best placed person to lead the school as Acting Principal during Term 1 is Kristy Warriner. Congratulations to Kristy on this appointment! Kristy has worked with me as one of the Deputy  Principals of Thornlands SS for seven years and prior to that as our Head of Curriculum, so she is certainly the best placed person to lead the school forward from here. I know she will do so in a highly competent way!

In summary, I feel very optimistic about the future of Thornlands SS!! 

Very best wishes to all, for the year of achievement and success that lies ahead.

And for the final time………Thank you for your ongoing support of our great school


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Last reviewed 19 January 2023
Last updated 19 January 2023