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At Thornlands we aim to offer our students MORE (Making Our Results Excellent) by focusing on building on the previous year's achievements. This acts as a platform for the next year and beyond. For a snapshot of some of the amazing work that happens at Thornlands, please click the below links.


Prep is an exciting time for you and your child.  Prep is the first year of schooling and is a fulltime compulsory program, from Monday to Friday from 8.50am to 3.00pm.
The early years of learning are among the most significant periods of growth for children. Experiences during this time not only affect cognitive, social and physical development, but also deeply influence dispositions to learning and children’s views of themselves as learners.​
At Thornlands State School the Australian Curriculum aligned Prep program is designed to cater for all children’s interests and needs and to foster a love of learning.

Year 1

In Year 1 we build on the foundations that the students acquired in Prep year while extending to future learning. This is an exciting year for Year 1 students as they learn the necessary skills to become competent readers and writers. Students develop skills and knowledge relating to simple mathematical concepts such as counting, addition, subtraction, measurement, patterning and graphing. Students participate in weekly health and physical education (HPE), technology, arts, Geography and History, and science lessons that coincide with each term’s unit of work.

Year 2

In Year 2 at TSS we are looking ahead to a year filled with fun, excitement, hard work and many wonderful memories. Year 2 will see your child build and consolidate on the skills learnt in Year 1, develop and be introduced to many new topics while enhancing their independence and personal growth. Our experienced team of teachers aim to build strong relationships both in and out of the classroom while challenging and stimulating your child’s academic development.

Year 3
Year 3 is an exciting and action packed journey at our school. The students are guided and challenged by a dedicated teaching team – teachers that bring a wealth of experience to the classroom and a diverse range of skills and interests that enhance student participation and learning. The Year 3 teaching team believes that students learn best when they are involved in their own learning and endeavour to provide a range of relevant learning experiences for the students that encompass all areas of the curriculum. The students are offered the opportunity to participate in a range of hands on, interactive activities.

Year 4

Year 4 at our school is a crucial time for students as they have just commenced their journey out of the junior school and into the middle years of schooling. We are committed to students and their learning, responsible for managing and monitoring student learning and strive to be accessible, available, approachable and enthusiastic about our teaching.
Year 5
Year 5 at our school is a very important time for students as they continue their journey out of the junior school and into the middle years of their schooling. A wide and varied Australian Curriculum aligned curriculum is provided as well as numerous extra-curricular activities such as instrumental music and interschool sport.

Year 6

We focus on teamwork and deliver the Australian Curriculum incorporating Digital Technologies. Children will experience innovative lessons covering the key subject areas. Camp Mapleton and Sea World excursions compliment the academic curriculum. Self esteem, self expression and social awareness runs parallel to the academic curriculum.
Last reviewed 20 May 2021
Last updated 20 May 2021