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Thornlands State School has a recognised school uniform which is available through our Uniform Shop, located under A Block.
We stock all your uniform needs (excluding shoes and socks) that you will require. Second-hand uniforms are also available for sale.


Thornlands State School is a uniform school. This means that children are required to wear their uniform every day. This stance is supported by our P&C. Please ensure all articles of clothing and footwear are marked with the child’s full name. Initials or first names are not sufficient. Named articles can then be returned to the rightful owners.

Wearing of the school uniform aims to contribute to:

a safe and supportive learning environment;

  • foster a sense of belonging;
  • develop a mutual respect amongst students; and
  • reduce visible evidence of economic or social differences

Students are expected to wear their uniform when:

  • attending or representing their school;
  • travelling to and from school; and
  • engaging in school activities out of school hours where it is applicable to wear a uniform.

The Thornlands uniform takes into account gender, size, shape, sun-safe factors and provides families and individuals with a wide range of choices. The uniform includes a sun-safe bucket hat.

  •  the school enforces a no hat - no play rule; and
  •  jewellery, other than studs or sleepers is not permitted.

Consequences for non-compliance with the Thornlands Uniform Policy will be limited to one of the following and be imposed on a once-only basis per episode:

  •  preventing the student from attending or participating in any activity for which the student is representing the school; and
  • preventing the student from attending or participating in any school activity that is not an essential school educational program. 

View our current uniform list (PDF, 364KB)

Uniform Shop Opening Hours

Retail Shop

Monday: 8.30am – 9.30am

Laybys are welcome.
Payment method can be either by cash or EFTPOS.

Flexischool orders – Collections from the office or delivery to the classroom (Convenor will contact you on the day of order)

Monday: 9.30 am

Wednesday: 9.15 am

Friday: 9.15 am

Orders can be delivered to your child's class or to the office. Please indicate when placing order.

Our uniform shop is operated and run by our school's P & C Association. Volunteers are welcome to support the running of the uniform shop.  If you would like to help then please download and complete our volunteer form and submit to the Uniform shop or to the school administration office.

P&C Volunteer Form (DOCX, 57KB)

Flexischools – Uniform Shop Online ordering

This system allows parents, students and staff to place and pay for orders from home, work or school at any time up to 4pm the day prior. This online system streamlines the task of processing orders within our Uniform Shop, as well as allowing our parent's to purchase uniforms without having to attend the school.

Get Started with Flexischools…

Set up an account for online ordering…

You can set up an account online – it only takes a minute.

  1. Register for Flexischools by visiting Add your student, their school and form class to get started.
  2. Top-Up your account via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or direct deposit.*
  3. Make an order by selecting from the range of options made available by your school and proceed to make payment for the order listed in your order pad.
  4. Review Orders by logging back in to your Flexischools account. You can set recurring orders, view transaction history or cancel orders via your Flexischools login.


*Fees and charges apply. Please see flexischools website for more details.

Last reviewed 15 May 2023
Last updated 15 May 2023