Principal’s welcome


kym-amor.jpgAs the Principal of Thornlands State School it is my honour to welcome you to our school community. Our school promotes students' success through a balanced pursuit of excellence in academic, cultural and sporting endeavours.  We live by our vision of Making Our Results Excellent ensuring that every stude​nt is reaching their full potential.  We are guided by our motto, Growing the whole child. 

At Thornlands State School we are passionate about your children, our students. We provide a warm and supportive environment in which all children can grow with confidence. Our staff are passionate professionals who are committed to helping students achieve their potential, no matter what it takes. At Thornlands SS our students will achieve at least a year's worth of progress and learning each year. Our high academic achievement is a direct result of our dedicated teachers who take great pride in creating rich and engaging educational programs that provide appropriate intellectual challenges and encourage all students to continually flourish. We are very proud of the great work of our dedicated and committed staff in enacting our Vision- with a broad range of extension and support programs operating to enhance learning for all. 

At Thornlands we learn from the past and we plan for the future. We have a whole school approach to the implementation of the Australian Curriculum with the eight key learning areas, and the general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities delivered in an age-appropriate manner. We focus on personalisation to ensure that all students can reach their potential. Our focus on best practice in the teaching of Reading and Writing has been refined and embedded over the last 5 years, with all students having individual reading and writing goals, that are communicated to parents who are seen as vital partners in achieving the best learning outcomes for each individual student. 

At Thornlands State School we offer a broad range of extra curricula opportunities – including bands, sports, STEM, Arts programs including Musicals, Drama, Dance and visual arts.  Our Sports program includes a diverse sports development program including skills development programs, our on-site swimming program, and opportunities for all students to engage in Cross Country and Track and Field days.

The Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) philosophy underpins our school's approach to student behaviour and engagement, and as such we expect students and parents to support our school values and strive at all times as learners to “Be Safe, Respectful and Responsible". Students at Thornlands are encouraged to participate and strive for MORE in every aspect of their school experience. At Thornlands we focus on Kindness. 

Students and families of Thornlands State School bring a rich and diverse range of learning experiences to our school through shared understandings of the 50+ different cultural backgrounds likely to be present in our school setting. At Thornlands SS we believe that 'Our Diversity is our Strength' and we proudly celebrate the unique qualities the individuals within our school community bring.

One of our greatest strengths will remain to be the partnerships we foster between students, staff, parents and the wider community. These partnerships will enable us to live out our values and our commitment to providing a quality education for every student.

Thornlands SS continues to be a school of choice in the Redlands area and has enjoyed continued enrolment growth over the past few years with new families citing our exceptional reputation in the local community, our academic results including NAPLAN data, and the high expectations and commitment to growing the whole child, as their main reasons for choosing Thornlands.  

A strength of our school is the sense of community as our extraordinary staff, wonderful parents and sensational students work together every day to achieve the best possible outcomes for all!

We are very proud of our school and are delighted to be able to share our school with you. 


Kym Amor

Last reviewed 11 May 2023
Last updated 11 May 2023