Donations for Flood Victims


The Student Council in conjunction with our P&C are working together to support families who have been affected by the recent floods by collecting donations of household items, clothing and food. 

Donations – In labelled bags please:

All of our donations will go to the charity Super Bags for Super Kids.  This charity will ensure the items get to those in most need.  To assist the charity, we are asking that items be donated in labelled bags with the intended target person e.g:  age, gender, adult or child.  

Items needed the most include clothing grouped or bagged in sizes, underwear (new), toiletries and or something special that a child can call their own (teddy/ book/ toy).  For adults, day to day basic items in a bag so that their belongings can be taken and kept with them.  Simple things that we take for granted like make up for women, shavers, shaving cream, sanitary items, moisturiser creams.   If these items are second hand, we ask that they be in good condition please.  (See over for more information).

Collection – Hall, 8:30am Monday and Friday mornings:

If you are able to help, the P&C and Student Council have set up a collection point in the hall at 8:30am on Monday and Friday mornings until the end of the term.  Members of the Student Council will also visit classrooms on these mornings over the next two weeks to gather any items brought to the classroom.

If you don't have these items or are short on time and want to help, Kmart/ Coles/ Aldi gifts cards or cash in envelopes will be accepted.  These requested items will be bought and organised to send down in a container that will be sourced for storage of the goods purchased. Comprehensive updates will be posted on the school and P&C page. 

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,​

Robyn Wilton                                                                                        Cassandra Rouse

Principal                                                                                                On behalf of the P&C

Donations required:

Their base hospital has sent out a plea for vinegar, hand sanitiser, antiseptics, snake bandages, adult, and children's *Panadol and *Nurofen.

Baby items are in huge need; nappies of all sizes, wipes, formula, bottles, dummies, *children's mosquito repellent, baby clothes, baby food pouches, nappy creams and nappy bags.

Cleaning products: Cleaning wipes, *antibacterial disinfectants, *Glen 20 sprays, mops, buckets, garbage bags, plastic tubs for storage of items.

Hygiene Products:   Lady sanitary products, hand sanitiser, *first aid creams, *deodorants, toiletries, toilet paper, *air fresheners, tissues, wash soaps, *hand soaps, *shavers.

Linen:  Towels, face washers, cot blankets and sheets, pillows, adult and children's sleeping bags,

Food:  non perishable items, baby food pouches, formula, bottled water, cans, packets of chips/snacks/biscuits, paper plates, paper cups, napkins, plastic cutlery.

Necessities:  Torches, *batteries of all sizes, children night lights, phone chargers, power boards, extension leads.

Bulky items: Prams, strollers, port a cots, baby play mats, play pens, baby baths, camp chairs.

Pet care:  dog/ cat food, leads, crates,

Footwear:  Appropriate foot wear for adults and children in good condition


* Parent drop off only for these items


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Last reviewed 15 March 2022
Last updated 15 March 2022