School Photos 2022



Tuesday 21st - Wednesday 22nd June 2022

Our school photo days will take place over two days once again this year - Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd June.  The photo schedule has been included so you are aware of which day your child's class is on.  

Your child's photo envelope is attached.  Each envelope has been printed with an individual 'shootkey' and barcode.  This 'shootkey' is required for online ordering.  It is also important that this envelope be brought to school on the day of the photos even if you have ordered online.

Based on feedback from the last two years, class photos will once again be in the 'traditional' class photo layout.  

Full School Uniform

All children are expected to be in full school uniform including black shoes, white socks and hair accessories in the correct colour if applicable (white, teal and/or black).

No House Shirts please.  For this day only, we ask that you please do not send your child in their House Shirt for their school photos.

Senior Shirts for Year 6 students.  For the majority of our Year 6 students, their senior shirt is their most recent uniform purchase and therefore in the best condition, the Year 6 students are encouraged to wear their senior shirt please.  Please let your child's teacher know if you do not have a Senior Shirt.    

It is an expectation of both the Department of Education Queensland and MSP Photography that any student who is unwell or experiencing flu-like symptoms, must stay at home.

Sibling photos

Due to the popularity of sibling photos, sibling photos are available both mornings this year from 7:30am in the hall.  If you are wanting a sibling photo, please ensure your children are aware of this time and venue as it will be each family's responsibility to access this opportunity.  If you wish your children to have a sibling photo taken, please also ensure you collect an extra photo envelope from the school office

Please note, due to the number of staff and children in the hall during these times, we kindly ask that parents do not wait inside the hall and follow social distancing requirements when in attendance.  Children will be met in the hall at 7:30am by a staff member. 

Separated families:

Multiple orders can be placed for the same child/ren by either:

  1. Ordering online (using the student's individual 'shootkey').
  2. Cash in a photo envelope. Additional envelopes are available for collection from the school office.  You will need the correct amount. Photographers do not carry change.  Please make a note on the envelope your relationship to your child/ren so we know to keep the order separate from any other orders we may receive for your child/ren.  (e.g. Dad's order, Mum's order).

    If you have any questions about the photos and ordering, please contact MSP directly on 3848 3946.


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Last reviewed 03 June 2022
Last updated 03 June 2022