Great 2021 NAPLAN Results


Congratulations Staff and Students!!

You are all aware that our school Vision is: Making Our Results Excellent (M.O.R.E.) and so with the release of the 2021 NAPLAN results this week we can once again be very proud that we are achieving this Vision!

Great teaching, delivered consistently by a cohesive team of committed and highly skilled teachers, implementing best practice in pedagogy and supported by a range of support staff and school structures to further maximise outcomes, is what achieves great learning outcomes!!

That is what we have here at Thornlands SS and that is the reason why the results we achieve in the NAPLAN testing every year are so outstandingly good and well above State and National averages.

We believe that NAPLAN testing is a valid measure of the highly effective teaching that happens here for each and every one of our students, each and every day that they attend our school, from Prep all the way through until the end of Year 6.

For that reason, we value these results very highly and collectively we are very proud of what we achieve here.

Once again, our NAPLAN results in 2021 are outstanding with the outcomes in all strands in both Year 3 and 5 being better than, or significantly better than the State and the Nation.

The other point of great pride is that even though the last NAPLAN results in 2019 were very good, we have yet again shown significant improvement on those results.

Highlights are many. They include:

Year 3

Outcomes better than, or significantly better than, the State and Nation in all measures (ie. The Mean Score and % Students in the Upper 2 Bands) in all Strands.

READING                   80% students in the U2B (Nation 55%)

WRITING                    72% students in the U2B (Nation 53%)

SPELLING                  63% students in the U2B (Nation 50%)

G & P                          81% students in the U2B (Nation 54%)

NUMERACY               66% students in the U2B (Nation 37%)


Year 5   

Outcomes similar to, better than, or significantly better than, the State and Nation in all measures (ie. The Mean Score, % Students in the Upper 2 Bands) in all Strands.

READING                   43% students in the U2B (Nation 41%)

WRITING                    29% students in the U2B (Nation 20%)

SPELLING                  34% students in the U2B (Nation 38%)

G & P                          54% students in the U2B (Nation 35%)

NUMERACY               48% students in the U2B (Nation 29%)

As I have stated already, these results belong not just to the Year 3 and 5 teachers, but to the whole staff in our school. Learning begins in Prep and continues all the way through the school, with value adding at each and every step of the journey. The NAPLAN testing is just a point in time test to show where the students are up to at that juncture in their education.

I know you join me in thanking and congratulating our wonderful staff – teachers and teacher aides for the great work they do supporting our students' learning. Thanks also to our ancillary staff who keep everything on track so that as a school the rest of us can all stay focussed on our core business of teaching and learning. Finally, thank you also to you, our parents for your support of our efforts at school.

Individual NAPLAN reports will be sent home with the Year 3 and 5 students, in the coming weeks. ​

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Last reviewed 26 August 2021
Last updated 26 August 2021