P and C Meeting


General meeting, Wednesday, 17 February at 5pm

The first meeting for 2021 for the P&C will be on Wednesday, 17 February beginning from 5pm.  This meeting will be focused around priorities for 2021 and early planning for the year.  All parents/carers are invited to come along.  Also, please bring along a membership form when you come along to register your membership.  Forms are available on the P&C website at

AGM, Wednesday 17 March at 5pm and General meeting

The AGM and March general meeting will be held from 5pm on Wednesday, 17 March 2021. 

All positions in the P&C become vacant at this time, and calls for nominations and voting happens at this meeting.

There are a number of volunteer roles in the P&C that are vital to the functioning of the P&C, ad we are really on the lookout for a new Treasurer as our current Treasurer is resigning. 

The Executive Committee positions are the following:

  • President – Provides leadership to the P&C, represents the P&C when required, chair P&C meetings and encourages communication between the P&C, the school and the greater community.  Commitment is approximately 15-20 hours per month (may be more when required).
  • Vice-President – Supports the President and P&C, provides essential support for the President and possibly other members, i.e. assisting the Secretary or Treasurer in some of their tasks, chair meetings when the President is absent.  Commitment is approximately 10-20 hours per month
  • Treasurer – Has the overall responsibility for the financial management of the P&C.  A budget at the beginning of the year is required, as well as monthly reports to the P&C of the financial status.  Commitment is approximately 20 hours per month (may be more during peak times).
  • Secretary – Assists in maintaining attendance records and registers of members, as well as maintaining meeting records and preparing agendas, maintaining P&C records and correspondence.  Commitment is approximately 10 hours per month.

There are also some other great volunteer roles that support the function of the P&C, and these can be filled by more than one person.  These roles can take as little as one hour per month to 20 or more hours per month.  All school parents and carers are encouraged to help out where they can, and become involved in the P&C.  These roles include fundraising coordination, uniform shop assistance, tuckshop support, newsletter coordinator, grant coordination and representing at P&Cs Qld's meetings and events.

Nomination forms will be available at the administration office.  If you have any questions then please email  All enquiries are welcome and your support in helping the P&C to support the school community would be greatly appreciated.  Your commitment is as big or small as you can provide. 


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Last reviewed 17 February 2021
Last updated 17 February 2021