Teamwork at Thornlands


Thornlands SS is a high achieving school and this is the outcome of consistency and teamwork over many years. There are a number of key strategies and initiatives we employ to support this consistency and the outcomes we achieve and these will continue in 2020. They include:

  • Enabling our year level teams to plan co-operatively once a term with the HOC (Head of Curriculum). This is a very important aspect of effective curriculum delivery as it enables a lot of professional sharing and consistency across classes.
  • A key teacher in each year level takes on additional responsibilities in leading their year level team with regards to teaching and learning. Professionalism and leadership has deepened across our school as a result. These Curriculum Team Leaders in each year level, will also be maintained this year.
  • In addition, in 2020, our teaching teams will continue to participate in T'NT (Thornlands 'Nquiry Team) sessions. During these sessions, teachers will analyze a range of student data and work samples and discuss ways in which to adjust their teaching to further enhance student outcomes. These discussions give the opportunity for professional sharing, mentoring and collaboration between teachers.   Given the breadth of experience and ability that we have in our teaching team, this is possibly the best professional development they could get!
  • Every Tuesday, the teachers will also be given the opportunity for WOW (Watching Others Work) Time. This is when they can observe other teachers in their classrooms and learn from the expertise and experience of their colleagues. This is a very exciting development in the functioning of our team of dedicated staff and is reflective of the deep levels of trust and respect that exist between our teachers. Ultimately our students benefit from this sharing of best practice.
  • Investing 4 Success (I4S) funding is $268,782 in 2020, up a little on previous years. As in previous years, this funding enables us to enhance our team structure even further by maintaining dedicated teacher aides for each year level and a fulltime aide in every Prep classroom. This additional classroom support and consistency has helped achieve a very smooth transition into the 2020 school year.
  • Also as part of I4S the Rally Readers program will continue to operate for all P- 2 classes.  As in 2019 Susie Moreland (Year 1 class teacher) will bring her breadth of training and expertise in the teaching of reading to co-ordinate this program and also mentor teachers and teacher aides in the teaching of reading.
  • The Student Needs Action Committee (SNAC) continues to meet every second Wednesday morning to prioritise students with support needs. The range of support in our school is diverse including Guidance Officer, Learning support, Special Education Program, Speech Language Pathologist and EaLD. Continuation of our targeted intervention programs to support students with identified needs will also continue as a matter of priority.

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Last reviewed 17 March 2020
Last updated 17 March 2020