School Survey 2020 - Parent Feedback


As we are all aware 2020 has been a year like no other. Due to the pandemic, the School Opinion Survey was conducted differently this year as a Pulse Survey, with a number of questions relating specifically to the COVID- 19 response. With the recent release of these results, we have a reason for celebration and pride, as overall they indicate a very high level of satisfaction with our school from the perspective of parents, students and staff.

As always we will use the feedback the survey provides us with, to build on the great work we already do and continue to strive to be the best we can be.

Thank you for your ongoing support and joint partnership not only during the Learn@Home phase of the COVID19 pandemic but also as we forge our way together towards ensuring the best possible outcomes for our students during this unique and challenging time. 

Parents/Caregivers were asked to think about learning arrangements during weeks 1 to 5 of Term 2, and to indicate the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with the following statements:

Survey itemn
Total agreement
I received communication and instruction from the school and teachers.
Teachers were available to support my child with their lessons.16890.5%
Resources provided by the school were useful for me and my child while learning from home.16191.3%
My child found real time lessons on video chat such as Skype, iSee, Microsoft Teams, Collaborate Ultra and Seesaw useful.3878.9%
My child found pre-recorded videos and lessons, including on television useful.9687.5%
My child found online textbooks, workbooks or worksheets useful.14691.1%
My child found paper based books, workbooks or worksheets useful.15896.2%
My child found online education websites and apps useful.15396.7%
My school provided me useful information on how my child will stay COVID safe while at school.16295.1%
My school provided me useful information on changes to usual school routines (e.g. changes to drop off/pick up points, staggered lunch breaks etc).16195.7%
My child was supported to return to school and continue their lessons.16192.5%

Parents/Caregivers were asked to think back over the school year, 
and to indicate the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with the following statements:
Survey itemnTotal agreement
My child likes being at this school.
My child feels safe at this school.15996.2%
My child's learning needs are being met at this school.15993.7%
My child is making good progress at this school.15894.3%
Teachers at this school expect my child to do his or her best.15998.1%
Teachers at this school provide my child with useful feedback about his or her school work.14990.6%
Teachers at this school motivate my child to learn.15794.3%
Teachers at this school treat students fairly.15391.5%
I can talk to my child’s teachers about my concerns.15793.6%
This school works with me to support my child's learning.15693.6%
This school takes parents’ opinions seriously.15190.7%
Student behaviour is well managed at this school.15794.3%
This school looks for ways to improve.15194.0%
This school is well maintained.15995.0%
This is a good school.15997.5%

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Last reviewed 17 September 2020
Last updated 17 September 2020